Biester//beast, 2009

Biester//beast, 2009
Installation: 24 Seifenkisten, menschliches Haar gefilzt,
Einzelkiste: ca. 10 x 30 x 15 cm (auf Wand: 160 x 180 cm)
//installation: 24 soap boxes, human hair felted,
single box: ca. 10 x 30 x 15 cm (on wall: 160 x 180 cm)

In beast (2009), the box itself is central twentyfour identical found box are arranged symmetrically in a precise grid on the wall. Here too, there are nests of hair growing like mildew on the handsize boxes. These boxes bear a product name in large print. SUMA is unfamiliar to me, but other information is also printed there,“ 30 Stucke ArtNr. 5569, sib sunlicht industry bedarf.Without the ability to read this in what to me is a foreign language I see on the word sunlicht which is close to the name of a now globally distributed soap product named SUNLIGHT. Manufacturers are asking us to live, not to open light of day but in the industry of regulated sunlight that comes packaged in boxes. Locality of culture, language and history all inform mz identity here as a stranger, a foreigner, and enters into my interpretive situation, becoming a factor in this configuration with soap, hair, rational order, memory and the history of a national culture.
(Text by Stephen Horne, in: Zero Time of the Fetish, Text von Stephen Horne und Matthias Winzen, Dillingen 2011.)


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