13.12.2019 – 02.02.2020 Künstlerhaus Dortmund
Esther Hagenmaier, Simona Koch and Mirjam Elburn
curated by Denise Ritter

exhibition view: works of Mirjam Elburn
photos: Marcus Heider

The exhibition presents the work of the artists Mirjam Elburn, Esther Hagenmaier and Simona Koch. In their works the process of disassembling, decryption and deconstrution of time, space, material and structure flows into the process of putting together, combining and construction.

Mirjam Elburn combines handmade and found objects and material. She works with old, time-consuming and artisinal techniques traditionally associated with female activities. Decay, the past and time are the real material of her work.

Central themes of the artistic work of Esther Hagenmaier are space and perception. With an expanded concept of photography the artist generates images, which thematize seeing itself and explore the limits of the medium.

Simona Koch is interessted in the varieties of the living and explores natural science puzzles with artistic strategies in a playful and speculative manner. In particular she follows up the invisible lifelines of the creatures and the organic body.
(Text by Denise Ritter)