mondkuchen – tomorrow’s touch, 2017

at l’endroit indiqué/Montreal, Canada

Sehnsucht» – a German word which hardly has any equivalent in another language: desire/longing, aspiration/nostalgie, anhelo/ansia/nostalgia? «Sehnsucht» to me is a strong drive for artistic work.
Would you tell me about your «Sehnsucht/Sehnsuchtsorte» (places of longing) or music, writings etc. which embodies or transports «Sehnsucht»? Any ideas? Spontaneous associations?

I asked friends directly and on facebook to support my research on the topic of «Sehnsucht».

Using old, time consuming, manual craft techniques (e.g. felting, sewing…) to create objects made of found material and often human hair I more frequently come along the word «nostalgia» when my work is described. But it is more about the stories and the expierence behind the material – it is about the constant change, the unpredictable nature and experiencing time itself.
So what does «Sehnsucht»mean in that context? What do I long for? As an artist? As female, human?

The ocean waves were mostly seen as a symbol for Sehnsucht, the longing for a touch of a person in the future mentioned as the first association – or as said by Cyrano the Bergerac «futile heroism is far more beautiful than a victory».

This «research» and some material – founds and one not now finished paper hair object, which I will bring to Montréal will only be the starting point of my installation. It will strongly be connected with the place and be a work in progress – depending on space and material I will find.