mondkuchen – tomorrow’s touch


l’Endroit indiqué (Montréal/ Canada) presents a new work by Mirjam Elburn. The artist was invited by Vida Simon.

I have been dwelling on “sehnsucht,” a German word which hardly has any equivalent in another language: desire/longing, aspiration/nostalgie, anhelo/ansia/nostalgia? “Sehnsucht” to me is a strong drive for making art. Using old, time-consuming, manual craft techniques to create objects made of found material—often human hair—I often encounter the word “nostalgia” when my work is described. But it is more about the stories and experiences behind the material. It is about the constant change, the unpredictable nature and experiencing of the past and time itself. I get in touch with the images and stories within a material or space by tearing it apart and sewing or felting it anew together again. So what does “sehnsucht” mean in that context? What do I long for? As an artist? As female, human? mondkuchen – tomorrow’s touch shows an approach-in-progress to this question.


Vernissage : vendredi 11 août 2017, 5 à 7
l’exposition continue jusqu’au 10 septembre 2017
Heures d’ouverture : 24h

l’Endroit indiqué / Gallery Marie-Anne
Andrew Forster
230, Marie-Anne est, Montréal, Canada
facebook: l’endroit indiqué

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